Nothing Will Come of Nothing


Kinion Leintz balances the scales of his perfect, valedictorian high school career with a summer of excess.

His closest friends are shocked by the turn and drift away from this new side of their once noble leader; while his girlfriend literally cannot put into words her disbelief at his outrageous actions, which in turn separates the couple all too quickly. As Kinion struggles to fulfill his declaration of having the most epic summer ever without his close circle of friends, he pushes his way back into their lives, first with an impromptu party crashing and then a ridiculous fiasco at Starbucks. His old pals want nothing more than the old Kinion to return, but there is one last splash of grandeur he won’t give up on: a legend trip to the House. The local haunted spot has sunk its claws into Kinion’s vanity and he is all too willing to indulge in the possible celebrity status an all-night stay could bring.

Wrapped in themes of fate, justice, and the nature of reality, Nothing Will Come of Nothing pulls you inside its moonlit corridors and doesn’t let go until the first rays of sunlight break on through.

 Just Another Job


Life’s script takes Chris Byrne from a passive tech support role to an active world saver.

A simple drudging existence was on tap for Chris before an attempt at bravery places him as a sidekick for newly discovered superheroes.

With government backing, Chris awkwardly attempts to live up to the heroic image while tagging along on Super missions. Although he may look it and proves slightly capable, Chris knows he can’t keep up the part and decides to quit.

But walking away is the most daring performance in front of him. He stands to lose financial security for his family, a best friend that is also playing sidekick, and a new friend in the form of a Super. Then Chris sees the machinations behind it all.

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